DotComGuy is Different

DotComGuy was born out of a frustration with the way the business around how technology support was done. We were sick of consumers and small businesses getting shoddy service. We were sick of having to schedule services weeks in advance for exorbitant prices. We were sick of getting passed off to phone directories and layers of call center employees. And most of all, we were sick of having recently promoted retail sales employees showing up to customer’s house dressed as technicians and trying to sell them on services they do not need, only to not take ownership of the problem and insist on pointing the finger at somebody else. There had to be a better way.

The Right Technician

We provide our customers direct access to a network of seasoned professional technicians around the country. Our technicians have proven, documented experience doing hundreds of jobs and are able to install your devices or fix problems with your technology. Our technicians are a network of local small business owners who take ownership of your technology needs and ownership of the relationship they are building with you, their customer. Unlike our competitors, we encourage re-hiring of technicians for future work through the DotComGuy platform because we believe in the strength of a strong relationship with a technician who you can trust.

Our team comes from a background working with corporate customers utilizing a network of professional contractors across the country and we saw an opportunity to offer the services of experienced professionals to consumers and small businesses. As far as we know, we are the only platform of this kind. We think of ourselves as the Uber of Technology Services, but better because we pay our technicians fairly and treat them with respect.

The Right Price

Because we provide you with direct access to local technicians who operate their own businesses, we do not have the overhead of a traditional technology services company. We do not have to support a retail empire and we do not have to have giant call centers. We pass these savings on to you. A much larger portion of what you pay is passed directly back to the technician serving you, so you can trust they are getting paid better and you are getting a better price. This helps us to hire the most talented technicians while still providing you with a price that is far lower than most of our competitors.

Right Now

In most major metro areas, we can have a technician out to your home or place of business in a few hours during normal business hours. Best of all, you do not have to schedule things weeks in advance and you do not have to get passed around through three different call centers to get ahold of a technician. We assign a technician in minutes and give you the ability to call them and discuss your problem, just like you would experience if you were using Uber. In future jobs, you can choose to use the same technician again or have us assign the next available technician. Right now, we are piloting our services in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Dallas, with plans to roll out additional markets.

Sound like a better way to do business?

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