DotComGuy solves technical problems in your home, home office, and place of business. We connect you with a skilled local technician who has been hand-selected and background checked. In most areas, on-site service can be provided within two hours.
On site in as little as two hours.
Hand-selected, local, and background checked technicians.
Direct Access
Explain it once. You won't have to repeat yourself.
DotComGuy makes it easy to directly connect with a friendly and knowledgeable local technician. We’ll send you someone with years of professional experience.
Saving time and eliminating the middle man allows us to charge far less than traditional services. We pass those savings on to you.
We can have a skilled technician at your home within two hours in most major metro areas. Jobs are typically scheduled and completed the same day.
"The next big thing isn’t ‘The internet of things’….it’s DotComGuy, The Internet of Tech Support! Your technician got to my house within three hours and literally saved my day!
Thank you DotComGuy."
Tom W, Simi Valley
"You guys are the Uber of Tech Support! I went to your app, put in my job request and click….within 15 minutes I got a phone call from the technician who actually came to my home and installed my new flat screen in time for the playoff game! My team did not win, but you guys are winners."
Brian R, Malibu
"Your new tagline could be…ON-demand, ON-site, ON-time….so refreshing to be able to put in my job request and click….and like magic, I get a qualified technician for my specific job, much cheaper than Geek Squad come to my home within two hours fully prepared to complete my job! And your technician did not try to upsell me!"
Laurie L, Agoura Hills
"DotComGuy is the new one-click wonder for tech support! I don’t have to sit on the phone for two hours talking to six different people only to get the wrong technician three days later! You guys are fantastic! You saved my work project! Thank you!"
Jimmy L, Woodland Hills
"DotComGuy is the one-stop shop for tech support! Your techs got my new PC set up and running, installed my new flat screen and my new door bell camera…..I now have my "smart tech" to complete my "smart home!"
Lucy S, Calabasas
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