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DotComGuy is a “One Stop Shop” of proven Technology-based, business-centric products that enable business leaders to manage and grow their business.
Our 1,300+ in-house team of dedicated business analysts, sales consultants, customer service representatives and IT Technicians serve over 3 million businesses worldwide. Our broad product set is proven . . . as is our in-house team of professionals.
Key, real-time information you need is displayed on the Profit Multiplier Dashboard, securely accessible by our clients on any computer, tablet, or Smart Phone. Watch your profits grow with Profit Multiplier.
You can see your sales figures, your accounts, website visits, keyword rankings, telephone usage, your people's schedules and much more all in one place and all working together.
Our DotComGuy business consultants are trained in assessing your business technology needs and helping you figure out where you might need to make some adjustments.DotComGuy's “Technology Assessment“ is an industry-leading tool that small to medium sized businesses use to help them formulate a plan moving forward to improve their profitability. The DotComGuy Technology Assessment takes our trained business consultants about one hour to analyze and prepare a custom report for your business, there is a $100* charge to cover their time and download the Profit Multiplier Dashboard.
*If one of our authorized partners have given you our $100 DotComGuy Gift Certificate, that $100 fee is waived.
DotComGuy is committed to helping small to medium sized businesses become more profitable.

Have the tools you need to manage your business, right at your fingertips

Running a business is hard work. Every moment you spend on your business is valuable. You need to plan, know when to order, see how well and effectively your customers are managed. Sometimes, you have to have others retrieve this information and mail or text it to you.
DotComGuy will show you how you can be even more productive in running and growing your profits.
With DotComGuy, the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, because all the DotComGuy products are designed to work together and be at your fingertips displayed on your Profit Multiplier Dashboard, giving you the up-to-the-minute information you need to manage and grow your profits.

Everything Works Together!

With the Profit Multiplier Dashboard, you get so much more than a great CRM solution. You get applications that integrate with each other, giving you the information you need right at your fingertips so you can manage your business and Watch your profits grow . . .


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